Microsoft Edge Canary Develops New Feature of Full Page Screenshot

There are not many good choices when it comes to saving web pages for record keeping purposes. Previously, people used to opt for the “Save As” feature in order to save their important pages as HTML links. Some like to print out a particular page as a PDF file. But these methods of keeping the record was time consuming. The problem with HTML links was that they require internet access to open. HTML links are not accessible when offline. When saving a single HTML file, a lot of irrelevant files like javascript, images also tend to saves.

With the latest EDGE widely available, Microsoft is breaking Edge Legacy. New Edge has obtained a Web Notes tool in the form of a Web capture. The Edge Canary now enables the users to capture a full web page screenshot. Without the need of having extra plugins, it is now easier to capture the entire length of a web page, in addition to adding comments. There is no need to keep the screenshots together.

On Google Chrome, this new function requires some additional plugin to work.

Capturing a full web page screenshot is a simple process. All you need to do is right-click and select web capture. Or if you want to do this using keyboard, press Ctrl + Shift + S.

Since this function facilitates taking a screenshot while sliding down the page, you can first select the initial regions and scroll down the page to shot more regions than the minimal document shown on the screen. Or, if you already set the initial area, you can drag the bottom or top line to expand the capture area.

Once you took the full web page screenshot, click copy to transfer the captured material to the clipboard. Or press Add Notes to further add any information.

Even though it allows you to capture the entire screen, Microsoft says that to ease the process they will add the full-page capture function later on.

It is important to note that this full web page screenshot function is only accessible to the Edge Canary and Dve channels and is not yet available for the stable version. To be able to use it, you would possibly need Edge version 88.

This new feature introduced by Microsoft simply recued the efforts required to gather individual screenshots in a folder.

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