The Quest 2 VR Headset from Oculus Just Got a Major Upgrade

One piece of tech that has generated a lot of buzz recent years is virtual reality. The Oculus company, now owned by Facebook, has released a number of promising VR headsets, with the Quest 2 model being especially notable due to its highly detailed graphical output as well as intuitive visualization that mimics human vision in a very believable manner. The Quest 2 headset is about to get a major upgrade, one that could make a lot of people take it a lot more seriously than they used to.

This upgrade involves support being rolled out for a 90 hertz refresh rate. Game developers will now be able to roll out games that can support this level of refreshing as well. This would lead to a much more detailed in game experience. It would also give developers more options in terms of optimizing the gaming experience that they eventually want to end up giving to their buyers and players. Users will also get options when it comes to refresh rates, with a 60Hz, 72Hz, 84Hz and now 90Hz options being made available for them to try and take advantage of.

Another new feature that is soon to be rolled out is the Oculus Move. This is an app that can allow you to keep a record of how your Oculus usage is impacting your fitness. A major advantage of VR headsets is that when you play games on them you are essentially giving yourself the chance to be a little more active on a regular basis. This app will tell you how many active minutes you have spent with the Quest 2 headset, and it will also give you an estimate of how many calories you might have burned during this period. Hence, you would be able to track your fitness more accurately.

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