Instagram’s new ‘Data from Partners’ settings will allow users to opt-out of the use of data sourced from third parties to target the users with more personalized ads

The trend of eCommerce and online shopping has seen a major boost this year, partly owing to the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdowns and social distancing measures that subsequently had to be implemented to stop its spread. Famous tech apps like Facebook have been intelligent enough to foresee this trend and take action accordingly. Facebook already provides its platform to be used as a virtual Marketplace, and with new ventures like Shops and all, Facebook has made sure to let people easily use this platform to showcase their products and services and run their online businesses as efficiently as possible.

One of the most important aspects for the growth of any business is its ad strategy to reach the target audience and attract them. Now, Facebook has already time and again mentioned that it uses the services of third-party apps and partners. They collect users’ data from various websites they visit, and the types of purchases they make. They then give this information to Facebook and Facebook uses this data to target them with ads that are relevant to their likes and dislikes, and interests. Now, this is a very important aspect of online trading. However, users’ data privacy and security is also a huge concern, so people start doubting these apps and raise trust issues with them for intrusively collecting their data without their knowledge.

So, Facebook has been trying to make all its data policies transparent. With Instagram, it has recently introduced a new setting which is labeled as ‘Data from Partners.’ There, users are given an explanation by the app about how their data is collected with the help of third-party apps and data partners to show them relevant ads online. These ads can help them make accurate choices, and they can also help online businesses with their outreach too.

Instagram also explains to its users that their data is never sold to anyone else. Although this data is collected for a good purpose, if the users are not comfortable with it, they can opt-out of it by disabling this setting.

Now, this is a good thing to let the users make informed choices about their data and information. Them having to weigh the pros and cons of enabling and disabling this new setting will help them judge things in a better way. So, it is a great step by Instagram.

To make sure that all the users know about this new setting, Instagram is likely to send in-app notifications soon for all the users to check out their new ad settings. If the user has connected their Facebook account with their Instagram account, the app will look into the ad preferences they chose for their Facebook account also.

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