Facebook shares insights into the challenges the company faced, and how it overcame them amidst the coronavirus pandemic

The COVID-19 is one year old now, and the coronavirus pandemic that began in early 2020 is still there, with only a month left for 2020 to end. The vaccine for this disease has not yet been created, and the disease is still affecting millions of people all over the world, claiming lives, making them sick, and affecting them financially too. Although the lockdowns have been lifted from many regions, the danger of the disease is still crippling the lives of almost everyone out there.

During this entire year, because of the social distancing measures and global lockdowns, people started relying on mobile tech apps for their information, entertainment, and to connect with their loved ones through these apps. Facebook is one of the most widely used social media networks, and during this time especially, its usage saw exponential growth amongst millions of users all over the world.

Recently, Facebook has announced in its Tech Blog about a four-part series that is going to start airing from 24th November. The series will be about the various challenges the company faced during the coronavirus pandemic, and how it dealt with them all. It will give some insights on how their staff was limited because of the closure of their main offices and how remote working came into play for its employees. How they all dealt with the increased demands from their customers, and how the company continued working with all its zeal and zest throughout this difficult period.

Facebook has also shared some basic insights about how the usage of the app increased all over the world. The company saw an almost 50% increase in the volume of messages exchanged on Facebook Messenger in April, especially in the areas which faced the major impact of the virus outbreak. The company also doubling up on video calls through Messenger.

Secondly, Italy saw an increase of 1000% in group video chats in just one month!

In June, the company noticed that their live video broadcasts from Pages had doubled in comparison to 2019. The company also shared that almost a billion minutes of WhatsApp video calls were being made every day during the peak days of the pandemic!

These staggering figures just highlight one thing: People rely on Facebook and its apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram a lot.

The four-part series is going to highlight the struggles of the teams at Facebook that had to continue working endlessly to keep providing support to all the people who started relying on the app during excessively trying times. In the last part of this series, the CTO of Facebook, Mike Schroepfer will look into the progress across all the apps the company owns in a meeting with their leaders.

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