How Choosing the Right Hosting Service Can Impact Your Marketing Efforts

So you have finally decide it's high time you took your business online?

The challenge however, is that there are tons of web-hosting providers clamoring for your attention. You might have probably been given the best option to choose from.

Does it really matter?

Yes. A common mistake most business owners make is to start comparing features over pricing, unmetered and unlimited bandwidths, addons and site builder availability of the host they have decided to use for their online business, but fails to consider the impact a hosting provider has on their overall marketing and SEO

Every existing website is created for visitors to gain access to the information in it. It could also be for sales.

Without the domain name and hosting provider, a website will be out of reach.

Just like the prices of a commodity produced by different companies may differ in price and quantity, the same is with hosting companies. Most of the time, it is due to the quality of the product the prize is fixed, the buyer is now left with the choice to go for the commodity depending on the quality he/she wants.

So it is with a web host, the level of quality (whether topnotch or lukewarm), as desired by the website owner.

Although there are many hosts, with different range of pricing attached, it is recommend that you purchase or rent a web host convenient enough and adequate for your website's growth.

Why Is It Necessary?

Because your site performance, visibility, user-experience and ease of navigation will give you an edge over your competitors.

What Does a Hosting Service Mean?

A web hosting service provider is a business that facilitates services for websites or webpages, as the case may be, to be visible on the online space.

It allows individuals, organisations, businesses to upload their website on the Internet for visitors accessibility. It is not possible to gain access or own an active website without a host. A host keeps your website visible, accessible, and alive on the net. 

Main Types of Web Hosts (You May Consider Purchasing a Space for Your Website):

1. Shared Hosting

This host is primarily focused on sharing space with businesses or people who do the same thing as you. It is not convenient to host large or developed business websites, it is more of a host for growing websites.

It is not far from renting a shop alongside a fellow business man/woman who sells not necessarily same thing, but you share electricity, the toilet, water and every other thing in the building.

As a developing business (website), it is advisable to start with a shared host because it is less expensive, easy to set up, accesses and accommodates startups, but it is definitely not topnotch for your visitors.

Blue host is endorsed when the choice of using the shared hosting is made. Over 2 million websites across the globe makes use of bluehost for web hosting. Startups also enjoy the low cost of $2.95 monthly and some other bonuses for choosing bluehost.

2. Virtual Private Server (VPS Hosting)

The idea of sharing space with other websites is not completely eliminated but upgraded in this hosting service provider.

Your website with others are connected to share a single server - which is the main server.

Virtual servers are gotten from the splitted main server which now becomes customised as personal sites - for individuals not as a cooperation.

There are limitations to sharing in this host.

3. WordPress Hosting

This host is concerned mostly with websites using Wordpress and are of two types:
  • The shared WordPress hosting
  • The managed WordPress hosting

4. Dedicated Hosting

This host contradicts its name in no way. The server is simply dedicated to you (the website). You decide what works and what doesn't.

Industrial and large scale enterprise websites are users of dedicated hosting.

5. Cloud Hosting

Growing businesses and large business websites use this host. In cloud hosting, multiple servers are connected to the net.

6. Reseller Hosting

This host provides the opportunity for you as a website owner, to purchase a space from a service provider or maybe yours and then sell again to your buyer(s).

How to Choose a Hosting Service

The popularly known Web service providers are listed above for clarity, it is also important to know that your productivity and security is influenced by the server.

The type of website in view also to a large extent determines the number of visitors your website will receive.

As much as the Web hosts differ, so also their outcome and level of management.

How Can the Right Hosting Service Influence Your Marketing Efforts?

Marketing as a whole entails mainly buying and selling, but considering this context, it is narrowed to the promotion of a business by a marketer.

As a marketer who wants to establish his/her business online, the idea of having a website for the business is not optional but obligatory. The fact of having a host to accommodate the website has also been clearly stated.

The efficiency of your host determines to a large extent your website and business growth. Just like the propeller of a boat enhanced its movement and brings the passengers and goods in it to their destination, so also the web host provides the service of propelling the website (business) till it attract customers. It is visible how that your website host can either advance or reduce your business.

Why You Need the Right Web Host

1. To secure your contents and website as a whole from hackers and every other cyber-attack.

The main idea of website creation and hosting is not complete if there are no measures to protect the website's contents. Your backups and server security is crucial and must not be left unattended to, regularly, there is need to update your software as well.

2. A slow connecting website has more tendency to be left unvisited and hinders productivity.

Every business owner wants his/her website to be visited often, but slow connection or loading speed paints an image of incompetence and most customers may get impatient and leave the site without consuming the content there or making sales.

When your site is visited regularly, it increases the chances of accessibility, not only that, but will also create more room for your website to be rated top at the search engine thereby rising the business (of the website).

Your sites loading link must respond swiftly and that depends solely on your host.

Stanford also uncovers that 75% of Internet users will make judgments about a business credibility founded on the looks (manifestation - in terms of first impression inclusive) of the website.

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