Instagram is Reportedly Working on Blocking Comments in Reels!

TikTok did such a good job of making short-form video content marketable that now even the most established social media platforms are focusing on this type of format. Instagram Reels is a prime example of that. Around two months ago, Instagram introduced Reels, a way for people to create, edit, and share videos of up to 15 seconds.

While incorporating Reels into the platform was a smart move, people couldn’t help but compare it with TikTok. And of course, the comparisons with TikTok also meant that a considerable portion of the comments on such videos would come from people who consume TikTok content including people who post trolling and derogatory comments.

In order to tackle the issue of hateful comments from the start, Instagram has reportedly been working on the option for creators to turn off the comments on their Reels content. This news was shared by Alessandro Paluzzi, who even shared a screenshot to show the option in question in action.

It remains to be seen when Instagram incorporates this option into Reels. Whether it will be enough to control the toxic feedback or not remains a topic of discussion for another day. Stay tuned for any potential updates in this story!

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