Google seems to be planning to allow some of the amazing features on Google Photos under the umbrella of Google One Subscription now

Google One or Google 1 app is a membership and subscription-based service that allows users to have expanded cloud storage and enjoy many other benefits with Google apps. Recently, XDA found out that Google is planning to introduce some new and exciting features for Google Photos, but they will be available only if the user is a member or has subscribed to the Google One app (a paid cloud storage subscription service).

Google Photos already provides far better photo editing and organizational benefits in comparison to other apps. That is why it has a wide fan-base too. But the recent report by XDA seems to be a little disappointing for the users as it points towards four strings of code that have changed in the upcoming Google Photos version (v5.18). The expected changes are that a user with a Google One membership can get access to extra photo editing features and more storage amount.

When XDA published its report, a user also reported that Google Photo’s ‘Color pop’ feature is also getting locked for people now who are not yet members of Google One.

But Google was quick to release a statement about this issue. As per the company, the ‘color pop’ feature is very much available for everyone on Google Photos completely free of cost, but for photos in portrait mode or that have depth information. But if you are a member of Google One, you can apply this feature to more photos of people even if they do not have any depth information.

So, it means that Google is not stopping anyone to use the color pop feature; they are just limiting it a little bit and urging users to move on to the subscription plan to enjoy more benefits.

See, all good things come at a price, and if we look from Google’s perspective, it is a fair call. Everyone is here to earn money. So, why should Google be incriminated for pushing people towards their Google One subscription app? Especially when Google’s image processing AI is exceptionally good. With added features that will come with the Google One subscription, this feature will probably be able to bring more meaning and more ‘life’ to our pictures. So, it is understandable to use this point to ‘sell’ the Google One app, but Google must not make ‘color pop’ only as its ‘selling point!’ Google One must have such benefits that people should want to get it, rather than Google using this color pop feature for them to get attracted by the app!

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