Google Play Store New Update For Developers: Extension in dates for submission of location data permission seeking forms

In a blog on Wednesday Krish Vitaldevara, the Director of Product Management Trust & Safety of Google Play Store, announced that now the Android app creators will have to request Google permission for approaching the location of users. According to the Google Play Policy, the same criteria would be used for checking against the apps which also include those originated by Google. The blog post mentioned that majority of app developers showed concern regarding the data of users being misused. Google’s updated policy seems to minimize this risk and make Play Store a safer platform for its users.

It has always been a huge challenge for Google to make it impossible for apps to get your data through your mobile. The struggle is on-going: the introduction of Andriod 11; to make Google Play Policy effective is proof. 10th version of Andriod Google claimed that it would allow you to keep a check and balance of how often the apps access each single of the elements your mobile contains. This included the microphone, camera, and even location.

Google then took the responsibility of keeping an eye on app-engineers and launched its Privacy Policy. It worked by permitting only those apps which were able to let it know the reason why is it necessary to access the location of users.

A food-related app, requesting the location of the users to make it easier for tracking the location of food delivery would be considered justified by Google for doing so. However, an exercise-related app requesting the location of its users won't be permitted by Google.

3rd August 2020 was the last due date for app-makers to request an allowance from Google to reach the location of its users. It clearly announced that apps not having permission to access the location of users would be removed from the play store. Through the implementation of new rules and regulations updated by Google, it was able to restrict the third- party to have easy access to extra information on your devices such as text messages, credit balance, and call record.

Nonetheless, Google has recently uploaded new dates for Android developers to submit the reasons for accessing the data of users. It said that forms should be submitted before the date: 8th January 2020, so that they are returned after reviwing before the provided date. However, Google has further extended its date for submission of forms to 29th March 2021, for those whose current apps were in process before 16th of April 2020. The decision to the extension of form submission dates is taken by Google to give more control of data to its users. It further claimed that removing apps using the location of users without any purpose has done well to the battery life and health of the devices.

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