Google is planning to enforce upgraded privacy standards for Chrome extensions soon

Google is planning to limit the rights of Chrome extensions to secure the privacy of the user. Alexandre Blondin and Mark M. Jaycox from Chrome Product and Policy team announced that this upgrade will launch in the coming January on Google Chrome. Google intends to assure the protection of the user data online that will permit the developer to update Google of all the user data it has extracted. It will, in turn, ensure the privacy of all the credentials of the user. It is important to note here that Google has already set some privacy standards for Chrome extension last year to maintain trust.

For now, Google is upgrading the policy that will permit the developers to provide the data that they have accessed and the data transparency.

The users will be able to get insights into how Google extensions treat personalized data. The developers have to upload accurate data about what type of data they have extracted to make sure the users that their data is safe and secure online. Chrome web store will display this information.

With this update, developers have to update the Google web store of the data usage before uploading or updating the extension. If any of the developers gets unable to do so, the users will get notified that this extension is not certified with the limited user policy that is the developer has not yet updated the accurate data usage information. The note that Google will notify the user highlights that the publisher has not yet provided any information about the collection or usage of your data.

Google has cleared out that the usage of user data is essential and also benefits the user. The personalized use of this data by the developer for the targeted ads or anything else is prohibited. However, Google has only planned to work on these privacy limitations and has not yet strictly enforced it. It depends on Google how adequately it follows its plans and kicks out the developers that do not respect the user privacy and even the new privacy policies.

It is important to note here that developers upload their practice of collecting the data but not on the Chrome web page. So, this practice is solely for the users themselves and is a significant step that Google has to enforce to ensure the best of user privacy on Google Chrome. Acknowledging the popularity of this search engine, Google needs to understand and upgrade this strict user-facing privacy protections to secure its users.

Yet, the reports are Google is still planning to roll out the new privacy features for Google extension, which is the most demanded and the most needed update of all time.
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