Good News For Android Users! Google Chrome is Finally Testing a Much Needed Feature In Incognito mode

Google Chrome’s incognito mode is a helpful aid for the privacy buffs out there. With the help of this add-on browser, you disallow Google to track the sites you have visited and remove all the data when you are done.

But did you know that on mobile devices Chrome doesn’t allow users to take screenshots while going incognito?

Yes, along with other privacy protocols, Google prohibited screenshots in its private browser.

Thankfully, this is all about to change!

A thread in Chromium’s reported bugs shows the developers are looking at a fix for this issue. However, the process may require some enhanced modification as they will first add a flag to grant the ability to take screenshots in incognito mode. You may also have to manually toggle the screenshots until Google releases a full update.

Nevertheless, this is great progress. As of now, there is no clear timeline available from the tech giant on when the feature would be publicly available. But we can expect the developers to release the update within a few weeks.

Till then, let’s just suffice with taking photos of our browsers from our phone to save information!

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