Google Maps is working on an upgrade that calls for a contribution on its Street View imagery without any specific camera to picture out the view

Google street view is one of the best features of Google maps so far. According to the a Reddit user, now anyone can capture and upload their street views. All this without having any specific 360° camera or a camera with high resolution. This new upgrade is an incredible treat for tourists and other people who desire to travel virtually. Now anyone can capture their favorite view with their mobile phones and contribute to the Google street view by uploading it for other viewers to view it, enjoy, or save it for their next visit.

Google developed this feature in 2007, intending to accommodate users with the best navigation experience. With this new update, Google has allowed everyone to capture the Street view and upload the data on Google maps with any camera. This mode is going to be named Driving mode, which is yet under experiment.

It will soon be available for all the users, appearing in the side menu on the application. You can capture any street view while driving and upload it with the relatable data to help others in searching the place through Google search and maps.

It is important to note here that a Street view is a panoramic view or a picture of any place in the world. The street view on Google maps is a collection of a plethora of pictorial representation of various places on one page to proffer with a free of cost virtual world tour.

This contribution can enhance the capability of Google maps, updating the data that Google maps don’t include, especially of the rural areas and the places inside the small streets that can be tricky enough to track. The question of how Google maps will do this is still unanswered. Yet the chances are Google is working to make this plan work out soon.

As you know that Google maps are the best solution for you to navigate, search, and even map out the weather conditions there, so it is proof that nothing is impossible for Google. For now, Google is testing this feature, collecting data from the people’s contribution, and rolling it out. So, it is also unclear when Google will launch this update publically. Yet, the reports are it is working and planning to roll it out.

To try this feature, download and install the latest version of the Street view application from the Google play store on Androids, and for iOS, download it from the APK mirror to try your luck if you are seeing the driving mode on the application yet or not.

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