Google Play Store Experiments With App Comparisons

Most Android users have a lot of problems with the Google Play Store because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up harming their devices due to the large quantities of shady apps that this store often has to offer. Google is trying very hard to change this sort of thing, and it is conducting a lot of experiments to ensure that users would be able to get a much better experience from the Play Store, although some of these experiments have gotten a mixed reception such as the temporary removal of the hamburger menu from the Play Store UI.

A new section that Google might try to add might just end up getting a far more positive reception due to the reason that it could help users find better apps. This section at the bottom of app pages is going to make it so that you can compare apps that you are thinking of downloading with others that might just be a bit better or worse in some regards. This is great since it can allow the average user to make a much more educated decision, one that is based on facts and logic rather than just blind impulse.

This might just give Google an edge over Apple as well, since this is a feature that has never been seen before and would therefore appear to be quite innovating all in all. Some are not convinced that this would truly improve the user experience since the metrics by which apps can be compared are rather complicated. What’s more is that this does not really address the myriad issues currently affecting the play store which means that some would have preferred that Google focused on patching holes in its platform rather than adding something new entirely regardless of how interesting it might be.

Via: AP.

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