Facebook Tries to Compete With Google Doodle With Its Own Halloween Animation

Google’s Doodles are a great way for the company to get some free publicity when people share the doodles via their social media accounts, and they can also help the company stay relevant at regional levels as well since different areas would end up getting doodles that are important to their specific culture thereby allowing Google to have a more global role than it would otherwise have been able to manage.

Facebook is well aware of how much free publicity Google often gets thanks to these doodles, and because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up allowing them to become more relevant in their own field the social media platform has taken the Halloween season as a chance to create a doodle of their very own. Matt Navarra, an app researcher, first spotted Facebook's (Google-inspired) Halloween animation.

This doodle consists of an animation that would be shown on the Facebook logo that is located on the top left corner of your screen if you are on mobile device. If you were to tap on this doodle it would take you to a page that is all about a new hashtag that Facebook is hoping people would start using, namely the #halloween2020 tag that is quite useful in terms of boosting engagement.

Facebook is clearly trying to make users engage with the platform more, and while some might criticize this as a shameless attempt to copy something that has been unique to Google for quite a long period of time, suffice it to say that Facebook isn’t new to the process of copying special things from other platforms since this has been its business model for quite some time now. Since it gives the platform quite a bit of success it is unlikely that Facebook would change its ways and try to be a bit more original anytime soon.

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