Twitter tests several new updates including an ‘Ouch’ reaction to tweets, an Auto blocking option, and let the users choose when they want to upload high-quality images

Recently, the famous reverse engineer, Jane Manchun Wong reported a new update that Twitter seems to be working on a new feature called ‘Auto Blocking.’ Now, Twitter explains this as when you block someone, that person will not be able to follow you or message you. You will not even see any notifications from that person in the future.

Some followers of Jane Wong commented under this tweet that when they block someone, they are able to still see the blocked person’s tweets and other content. So, Jane Wong has explained that it has to be a two-way process. When someone blocks you, you have to block them too to avoid seeing their content.

On the other side, Alessandro Paluzzi, a leaker and a mobile developer also has some new updates for us regarding Twitter. He posted two tweets recently, in which he told that Twitter is working on a setting which will let the users choose when they want to upload an image in high quality. He shared a screenshot with his tweet showing that in the Data Usage section on a profile, you can see the option of Data Saver. If this option is enabled, videos will not auto-play and lower quality images will upload. So, this automatically reduces your data usage for all Twitter accounts on a particular device.

Underneath the Data Saver option, there is another option for High-quality images. Here, users can choose whether to upload high-quality images only on Mobile data or Wi-Fi or if they prefer to never upload high-quality images.

So, this is another important feature that can help to save a lot of data usage for the users.

Similarly, Alessandro Paluzzi has another interesting update which he shared in one of his tweets. Twitter had always lacked a ‘Dislike’ button for tweets, comments, and posts. Now, it seems that Twitter is working on an ‘Ouch’ reaction for tweets, which is perhaps equivalent to the Dislike button, but in a more fun and less harsh way.

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