Google has developed a mysterious application that can disable your Android Phone if you have the due bills

Google Play store includes an application that can (kind of) lock Android devices and block the functionality if the holder has some uncleared bills. If the mobile holder has not paid the bills on time, this application can lock the device until clearance. Android users have to be aware of this mysterious application that has given ultimate power to Android phone providers.

This application is known as a Device Lock Controller that proffers the providers to restrict your access to your device if you have bought anything and your dues are still not cleared even after the deadline. However, this will lock your phone. That is, you can still view the basic settings of your mobile phone and also avail of the emergency call. The description of this app is not clear and in detail. Yet, according to the reports, this application has been accidentally uploaded on the Google Play store.

The screenshots of the homepage that the Google Play store has listed portrays that it offers two options. One has the heading of how your credit provider can manage this device, outlining what your provider can exactly do with your device if you have not cleared the payments on time. The other page provides you access to the basic settings of your phone even after the provider locks it.

XDADevelopers reported that Google has listed this application by mistake on the Play Store, and it is not for the Westerns countries. They have analyzed this application very thoroughly, claiming that this application utilized the device’s API to lock the device remotely. Before this, the API of Android devices has been used for various purposes previously, especially for keeping an eye at the workplaces through work phones. Once you have downloaded and installed this application on your phones, there won’t be any way out for you.

There are also reports that Google has launched this application while teaming with Safaricom. They have developed this application for the Kenyans to buy any of the Android devices remotely and conveniently. The developers have also said that people, once signed in with Safaricom, have to clear the payments on time. On not doing so, the providers will lock their devices after the deadline. So, it can be claimed that either this Google application holds a partnership with this company or is an outcome of this financial plan.

However, the Lock Controller application is yet limited and not having enough downloads, but the upcoming upgrade of this application can ease and make it more variant with time.
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