The toggle to ‘Open search results in a new tab’ is going to come in a more centralized position rather than in the settings page for Google Chrome

A new toggle to let the users open search results in a new tab is currently being A/B tested in the Google Chrome browser.

There are times when you are doing online research, and every tab that you open in your Chrome browser is important. Closing tabs makes you anxious, and all you need is that all your new search results automatically open in new tabs rather than replacing the one that you are already searching them from. Now, there are two options to achieve this thing. First is that you can right-click any link that you are searching for, and from there, you can choose to open the search results for that link in a new tab.

The second option is to go on the Search Settings, and from there, select the option of ‘Open each selected result in a new browser window’ under the option that asks you about where your results should open. Now, take note that this setting lets the users open results in a new browser window altogether, and not a new tab in the same browser window. So, this gets on the nerves after a while because keeping a track of so many browser windows is anyway quite chaotic!

Anyway, both these options often turn a little tiresome, and honestly, every time having to remember to do the right-click thing is often quite hassling. When someone is engrossed in their research, it is hard to remember such trivial but important things! Anyway, Google seems to have realized this basic desire of most of its Chrome browser users after so many years, and finally, earlier this month, a new toggle was spotted by 9to5Google. This new toggle is right under the search filters and Settings tab underneath the Search bar. This toggle clearly and boldly tells the users to enable it to ‘Open search results in a new tab’. However, it's important to note that this is not something that Google tested for the first time, back in Septemeber a lot of other users also spotted the same feature in other browsers too. 

Now, this is something great! It will help the users a lot as they will not have to keep going back to the Search Settings page to keep changing the settings. And even if they forget to right-click a link and choose the option of opening the search results in a new tab, it will still be alright, because this feature will become a default setting soon on the Chrome browser.

Currently, there is A/B testing going on for this toggle, and it is not known when it will officially roll out for all its users. However, upon its release, the users may see a prompt from Google that will ask them to turn on this toggle as a default setting for their search pages.

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