An updated Archive feature AKA "Vacation mode" is again under development as revealed by the latest WhatsApp beta version

WhatsApp is working to advance one of its features in its latest version. It plans to update the "Archive the chats" option in its messaging app. WABetaInfo reports that WhatsApp is working on this feature for a long time now. It will offer you a long time solution to move the muted chats to the separate section for an unlimited time.

The chances are that this feature will roll up in the upcoming WhatsApp beta version. However, the latest version marks the vital details of this upgraded feature of WhatsApp. According to the reports, this new feature will accommodate your muted chats that are, once you mute it, it will move into the Archive section until you turned it on. As a reminder, before this, muted chats always pop up soon after one gets a message from the same person. Yet, now even if you get the new message, it won’t pop up on the main chats window.

Recently, WhatsApp has presented a new banner highlighting the details of this planned feature. The reports are WhatsApp has stopped working on this feature before but as tracked. It is again implementing the same idea and also very actively.

WABetaInfo has tracked these changes and reported in detail. Its reports allude that this feature is still under development but will launch soon.

Along with updating this, WhatsApp is recently working on other incredible features also to roll over on the application soon. WhatsApp is known for its instant messaging, video call, and audio calling feature worldwide. So, with the other most demanded and catchy features, this application will reach the highest ranks of Incredibility.

However, WABetaInfo hasn’t yet updated about the exact date on which WhatsApp plans to update this feature. It has claimed that the day of implementation of this upcoming feature is not far. It is important to note here that WhatsApp is working on it for two years now and is still under development. They have named this feature as Vacation mode on WhatsApp.

Moreover, the name of this feature is not confirmed also. It is only a tentative name that can be changed by WhatsApp with time. As mentioned above, this feature will be an all-time solution for everyone to mute and archive the chats for as much time as you want. It will hide it just by one click and won’t be visible until you unarchive it by yourself. Apart from this, the chats that remain inactive for six months will automatically move to the archive section, making it available only when you changed the settings. This feature will soon go live on WhatsApp. Unfortunately, for now, you have to wait to access it.

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