Facebook announces to expand the management of its rights platform for image copyrights to all the admins of Pages on Facebook and Instagram

To prevent the misuse of images and to prevent copyright infringement for images, Facebook had introduced some new changes in its rights management platform back in September. The changes were meant to ensure that people have the knowledge and control over who else uses their pictures and images, and where else do they use them? At that time, Facebook had started implementing these changes with a group of partners that included several big brands who could control and moderate their images, request for a takedown if they think that they were not given due credits for their images by the person who used them on their Instagram or Facebook page. These changes allow the original owners to take any other actions against the infringers if they want.

However, now, these changes are expanding as Facebook has announced that it will allow all the admins of all Pages on Facebook and Instagram, from all over the world to be able to make copyright takedown requests and have more control over how their images are used across the platforms.

This means that now every Page admin will have the chance to report to Facebook about any copyright infringement of their images, and they can also request Facebook to take action against the offenders. This will ensure a lot of transparency on these platforms for sure, and it will also urge people to either use their own pictures to sell their content or at least give due credits to the original owner. Stealing of content and plagiarism is extremely common and is extremely unethical. Just to give a boost to their own posts, people do not hesitate one bit before taking someone else’s content and post it as their own.

Facebook’s new changes are necessary to teach people some basic etiquette and manners over the internet! The good thing is that if an original creator makes a takedown request of their re-uploaded images and videos on Facebook and Instagram, the company will give them a chance to even earn some bucks if their content is a part of monetization through in-stream ads.

So, this will not only empower a lot of original creators, but it will also give them chances to reclaim and regain complete rights over their infringed content. If two people are claiming the rights of some media content, they can use Facebook’s IP reporting forms to appeal to Facebook’s decisions about who should be given the copyrights amongst the two claimers.

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