Facebook is rolling out a combination of Instagram and Messenger chat experience

Facebook is lately reported to add new exciting features to Instagram and Messenger. It includes the possibility of variation in chat themes, personalized reactions to messages, selfie stickers, vanish mode, watching videos together, and much more. The announcement was made in California on 30th September, Wednesday 2020.

Stan Chudnovsky, and Adam Moserri; the head workers at Messenger and Instagram did the announcement of this new feature. Around 100 billion messages are sent and received between Facebook users daily. This is why Facebook now also allows Instagram users to message their friends on Facebook; whom it will recommend. It is interesting to know that Instagram users who are not yet on Facebook and vice versa for Facebook users would also be able to get advantaged by this feature.

They further said that to make your experience better while texting either on Instagram or Messenger it was their joint decision; to merge both the apps in their texting format.

The Vanish mode works as disappearing the messages once they are seen by both; sender and the receiver. The ‘‘Watch Together’’ feature is quite helpful in letting you watch an IGTV video while being on a video call with your friends. Unlike before, you can now also control where to receive messages and calls; in direct chats, message requests, or even not at all. You can easily change settings by choosing the privacy and security option after you select the option of setting in your profile.

Facebook has also worked on enhancing security and privacy updates; allowing the users to report and block videos, posts, content, and even profiles. From customizing reporting a single message to the whole conversation; is now totally your preference. You can also decide in the app whose message should be received, directly or indirectly; in the message request section.

Facebook informs that inspite of you allowing Instagram to merge with Messenger, the chats won't be mixed and will remain divided- for your convenience.

However, this feature is only available in some of the countries for the time being and Facebook is working on it make it convenient in other countries also.

Facebook further believes that by bringing more updated and attractive features now and then, it is fortunate in gaining huge market power. It predicts to plan for doing the same with one of the most used apps for texting: Whatsapp.

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