Facebook is testing an AI-powered featured that can suggest relevant posts for Page admins

Matt Navarra, a social media analyst, and commentator often brings interesting updates about upcoming and under-development features on various apps. Recently, he posted a tweet that shows that Facebook seems to be working on a time-saving feature for Page admins. The app will suggest posts to these Page admins to share them with their followers. These suggestions are most likely going to be based on the relevance and context of the content that Page is famous for. For example, a Kidney health-related Page’s admin will most likely receive suggestions for posts related to self-care, or things that can affect the health of kidneys, etc. All such relevant suggestions of posts can help the Page admins to improve the content of their Page, and to improve engagement and outreach with their audience too.

So, it is going to be a very helpful feature for Page admins. There are times when the admins and moderators want unique content that can catch the attention of their audience. Sometimes, such unique content is scarce, and this bears a negative impact on the overall activity on the Page, engagement, and outreach with the audience.

Now, Facebook's AI will provide relevent suggestions to Page admins, and this will reduce a lot of their stress to create and curate quality content for their audience on a regular basis.

Matt Navarra has shared a screenshot with this tweet which shows that under the ‘Create Post’ section, a new card of ‘Suggested Posts to Share’ is visible. This option will probably work in the same manner as it used to work on Groups for Admins. It will let the Page admins curate the popular posts that have been shared by Facebook community that are close or are famous for the similar nature of the content.

So, it is a very nice feature and quite helpful for the Page admins and other pages also whose content will become more discoverable and the chances of their engagement will rise too.

Although, artificial intelligence can help in optimizing a lot of monotonous work, but this tech is still in its early stages where it's not that much perfect when it comes to dealing with creative work, so, sometimes, chances are this feature can bring some indecent suggestions too.

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