Creator Insider sheds light on some interesting YouTube updates including chat support, Sub Dot experiment, YPP appeal, and a lot more

Creator Insider is an informal channel that brings information to the YouTube Creator community from YouTube’s technical teams. In their latest video, they have shared some interesting updates for the Creators out there.

The first update is around chat support for creators. In August also, Creator Insider had mentioned some details about it, but now, the recent change is that YouTube is rolling out a pilot in which chat support will be available through the Creator Studio. Monetizing creators have always had the option to access chat support via the help center, but now it is going to become a lot easier if you can just do it within your working environment.

So, if you are eligible for this pilot, you will see a little chat icon appearing beside the ‘Help’ button. First, you will have to select several YouTubers who have set their language as English. Soon, YouTube will roll out a couple of other languages too.

The next update is about featured channels. Featured Channels allow creators to showcase specific channels within their own channel. Previously, this feature was located on the right-hand side of the desktop version of a channel. But now, it is going to get a more effective and centralized placement like any other featured element or featured section of a channel, so that it becomes more consistent across mobile and desktop. You will have to visit your channel page to convert this section and apply this change.

Another update is about Pinned chats. This feature allows a creator to pin their own chat or a fan's chat to put it in a more prominent position. Now, YouTube is rolling it out to 100% of Creators so that all of them can make use of this feature.

The next news is about the “you are leaving YouTube” message. This message is basically about the safety of the platform's users when amidst a session, you try to leave YouTube following some other link.  This prompt will basically confirm that you really want to do this, and secondly, it will ensure that you trust the link that you clicked on. All of this is part of the platform's mission to keep everybody safe while using YouTube.

The next interesting news is around the dot that appears beside the subscriptions alert. Currently, that dot is red, but YouTube is trying to test out a new dot in blue color. This is going to help the users better differentiate between the ‘notifications alert’ and the ‘subscribers alert’ or rather subscriptions alert. It is the alert that tells you that there has been a new upload from one of your subscriptions. Currently, this feature will go through a testing phase before officially rolling out.

The last update is about the YouTube Partner Program appeals by video. Last year, an experiment was conducted around this. Now, the news is for those partners who may have been suspended from the YPP. For them, this experiment is moving into a beta phase. Since it is going to be integrated into Studio, so not only will you be able to appeal by video through Studio, but you will also get more granular feedback on the appeal once a decision has been made. This is going to be available on a very limited basis at the beginning but those who have been suspended from YPP and are eligible for this appeal path will be able to access it currently. This will give them a chance to tell more about their content, and understand what happens once they make that video to give YouTube’s policy team more context about their channel. It will also help their content and how they approach the platform.

The policy team will review that added context and if their appeal shows that their channel is compliant with YouTube’s policies, YouTube will turn on the monetization back for their channel before the end of the month-long suspension window.

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