YouTube Studio Is Adding a Prominent Chat Support Button For Creators

YouTube is one of the largest video-sharing platforms in the world, and the usage of Google’s video platform has increased during the coronavirus pandemic. The company has been introducing several new features to enhance the user experience. Moreover, YouTube also introduces new features to help YouTube content creators. Recently, the company introduced several new features for creators such as the ability to schedule community posts and video chapters feature. In May, the company also rolled out a feature that provides creators access to data which allows them to know when their audience is online on YouTube’s platform.

Now, it seems that the company is making it easier for YouTube content creators to access Chat Support. In the latest video posted on the Creator Insider channel, the company revealed that YouTube is adding a new Chat Support Shortcut button in YouTube Studio. In YouTube Studio, YouTube content creators can manage their YouTube channels, stay updated with the latest news, and get insights. In the video, Abhinav explained that this button will initially be a 10% pilot for YouTube’s English users.

Over the upcoming few weeks, the company will launch a pilot to enable a new button in Studio for Chat Support for monetizing content creators. Abhinav explained that the company’s goal is to make it convenient for monetizing content creators to get access to creator support through chat. The button is designed to help creators get access to creator support directly from YouTube Studio. Chat Support is an excellent way for content creators to get help with all creator-related things.

Although all of the monetizing content creators are eligible to get access to chat support as well as email support, only 25% of monetizing creators know that they can access chat support, according to the latest video published on Creator Insider channel. So, how can you know if you are part of the pilot? If you are on this test, you will see a chat support shortcut button in YouTube Studio. Eligible creators will see a chat button next to the help button in YouTube Studio. This button provides access to creator support. On the other hand, all monetizing content creators can get access to chat support from Help Center. Click on the question mark button to open Help Center and follow the existing prompts to get access to chat support.

Initially, the new chat support button will only be made available to those monetizing content creators who have set their YouTube language to English, and the company will add more languages and more monetizing users in the future.

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