Good news for iPhone 12 users! Now you can enjoy HDR supportive videos on YouTube

According to the MacRumors report, YouTube has rolled out a new HDR feature for the iPhone 12 users. This new feature comes with version 15.45.2 for iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro A Max. It is important to note here that YouTube has already rolled out this feature on the launch of the iPhone X, yet requires some bug fixes and upgrade. The application now supports an in-app new HDR feature for iOS with a proper update.

This new feature proffers iPhone users with a significant streaming edge over Android users. Currently, this feature is only available on the iPhones, and Android users have to wait for some time before YouTube plans to treat them with this feature also. Every new iPhone lineup gets this latest update automatically, which is unfortunately not available for the older Apple models before the iPhone X.

If you are also desirous to watch the YouTube videos with HDR quality and the best resolution, then this feature is for you. To access it, you only have to open the application on your iPhone, go over to the menu in the upper right corner, and click on the sign marked with three dots in a horizontal line. Here you can view multiple HDR options available on supported videos, including different resolutions.

The answer to the question of why this feature is not available on the older iPhone models is that the iPhones lower than iPhone X aren't compatible enough to manage this much resolution and have not enough hardware capability to support it. The latest models have the adaptability with such advanced features without causing any other inconveniences. Moreover, in terms of Android mobiles, Apple merges the software and hardware in its latest iPhone for a more incredible experience.

The users that have iPhone's models supporting OLED displays can only access this HDR feature of YouTube on their mobile phones, which excludes all the models launched before 2017, even the iPhone 11 and iPads. The iPhone 12 mini is reportedly the first device that supports an OLED screen with HDR and Dolby Vision support. It is even the least expensive model of the iPhone 12 series.

The reports are that Apple is working further to develop new advanced features and updates of several applications for its devices. Yet, we have to wait to see what other kinds of updates Apple is working on for the iPhone 12 lineup. However, it is still unclear when these upgrades will roll up and whether it will work with previous models. YouTube has not even cleared when Android users are going to enjoy this feature. Most importantly, no other streaming or video-sharing platform has yet released this HDR feature, so we have to wait for the next update patiently.

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