Apple has launched the latest version of the TestFlight app with support for automatic updates, some improvements, and bug fixes

Apple’s TestFlight app is specially designed to facilitate the app developers for iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and tvOS to beta test their apps through this platform before launching it on the App Store.

Previously, some glitches made this app a little harrowing to use. With bugs and issues with the updates which had to be manually installed, this app was not so practical and easy to use as it should have been for the app developers. However, recently Apple updated this TestFlight app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV to version 3.0. And this update is like a breath of fresh air for all the app developers for Apple out there.

The first and the best thing that has been updated in this latest version of the TestFlight app is the support for automatic updates. In the previous versions, when a developer used to be beta testing their app, they would have to go manually to the app to install its updates. This meant that there were chances that all the beta testers were not testing the same version of the app, and this was a major glitch with TestFlight.

Now, the support for automatic updates means that whenever an app is being beta-tested on TestFlight, its updates will install automatically, and all the beta-testers will get the same and the most recent version of the app for beta-testing when the developer releases an update.

Apple has also made some improvements in the overall features and functionality of the TestFlight beta testing app and fixed some bugs that were previously creating problems in the usage. The app is more stable than before, and it will now serve its purpose more efficiently than ever before.

Recently a rumor has been making rounds that Apple is thinking to bring the TestFlight beta testing app to Mac soon. It is not known whether this rumor has some merit or not, but it is not completely unlikely. For the time being, however, the TestFlight app version for iPhone and iPad is not coming to Apple Silicon Mac, but with Apple, you never know. Anything can change anytime!

The TestFlight app allows app developers to send their almost ready apps to around 10,000 beta testers through shared links or emails on their Apple IDs.

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