Android researcher reported a flaw in Chrome OS 87 Beta that might find its way to the Stable Channel (Update: Fixed)

In 2016, when Google introduced Android apps to Chrome OS, they have never been able to work well on Chromebook. Although, Google has tried its best to create convincing apps for users, but these app don’t work successfully all the time. There were several issues with the apps from a miserable apps environment to nasty bugs like the app scaling problem that almost made into Chrome OS 86 Stable. Chrome OS 87, which is not even released, yet a problem is discovered by Google operating system. The problem of typing, typing is so slow that it will easily frustrate any user.

Recently, it was seen that the keyboard input bug in the new Chrome OS Beta channel affects the speed of delivering message significantly while typing in an Android app. Kent Duke explained that he was on the Squid app for messaging and tried to type some text. He noted that within 30 seconds, in the midst of typing the keyboard started to respond slowly. Then he tried the Telegram app to send a message, it was also having a similar issue. The problem was not in the Squid app or Telegram app, it is because of the input bug in Chrome OS 87.

The input does not catch the typing speed, it is that sluggish. You have to wait after typing half of your words to make sure it catches the input. You cannot type your message completely at once. Just because of this input bug, some of the devices get affected on the Beta, Dev, and Canary channels.

There must be a thought that might come to your mind, if the problem is not in the Stable channel then why it is being highlighted. The reason for sharing this issue beforehand is because of the fact that there are only three days left in the release of Chrome OS 87 on the Stable channel. The time is going so fast, there is not enough time for Google to take any action and fix this problem before it goes public.

This problem will not be solved by resetting your Chromebook, you need to again go back to the Stable channel if you wish to continue working with Android apps. Several users have reported this problem of typing, complaining about how bad was their typing experience. Google has disappointed users.

Google needs to take action and ask their developers to take a step forward and fix this issue. There is still some time in the release of Chrome OS 87. For now, typing in an Android app is not less than frustrating specially for the users who only use Android apps for their messaging purpose.

Update: Google said that it has rolled out a fix to the Chromium repository.

H/T: AP.

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