Google Chrome for Android Will Soon Let You Move the Text Cursor With Touch Gestures

The text cursor is a rather finicky aspect of any piece of tech. Sometimes you might want to correct something or the other and you need to be able to place the text cursor correctly. Computers make this easy since you can use your mouse cursor, a very precise tool, to click on the exact spot that you want your cursor to get to, and you can also use the arrow keys for this sort of thing.

The rise of smartphones has brought along with it a reliance on touchscreens and the like, and the fact of the matter is that getting your cursor to the right spot by tapping is a really difficult way to be precise in any way, shape or form.

Google has changed this setting by allowing users to use gestures instead of taps when they are trying the place the text cursor. While this updated feature was added to a lot of Google apps, but one app that for some strange reason did not have a feature like this was Chrome for Android. This is quite a strange thing since Chrome is one of the most common areas where cursor control is required, and the fact that Google didn’t work hard enough to give users that kind of control is a definite misstep on the part of one of the biggest tech companies in the world. The good news is that Google has finally started working on an update that would bring easier gesture based cursor movement to the app.

Instead of this gesture based movement, you had to tap to create a teardrop which you could then drag. The only problem was that a tap could also highlight some of the text, so this was quite a frustrating way to get things done. Users would now be able to get a smoother experience, and it’s very important that various tech companies out there take the needs of their users as seriously as possible so that tech can become as advanced it needs to be in order to provide us with a better life.
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