Facebook introduces Hosting Services, Payments, and new Shopping experiences for Businesses on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used apps for messaging and effective communication. More than 2 billion users daily use this messaging service to keep in touch with their loved ones and even carry out online teaching courses through this platform. More than 175 million people use it for business purposes with their WhatsApp Business accounts.

During the pandemic, the trend of online shopping and e-commerce spiked like anything, and this has prompted major tech companies like Facebook to come up with better shopping and customer care solutions. It became quite evident that a customer does not like to wait for their query to go through a series of people first and then to a proper channel where they get their answers from. Modern times require quick, efficient, and modern systems for these businesses to interact with their customers. With ‘Shops’ at the Facebook app and Instagram, the company has been trying to expand its business solutions to its various other platforms, and WhatsApp is one of them.

Recently, in a blog post, Facebook and WhatsApp made some announcements about some new changes and additions that Facebook has brought for the WhatsApp Business account users. For the past two years, Facebook has been working on the WhatsApp Business App and the Business API to help small, medium and even larger businesses to manage their communication effectively with their clients. So the recent changes that have been made in the WhatsApp Business API include the following:

WhatsApp Shopping: Facebook is bringing this feature to WhatsApp that will allow the users to make direct shopping decisions and purchases within their WhatsApp chat. All sizes of businesses can use their WhatsApp accounts and integrate in-chat shopping feature to allow their customers an easier, and far less time-consuming way to continue their shopping, checking out the catalogs of the products, while remaining in the chat window.

Facebook’s New Hosting Services:
Facebook is providing some hosting services that will allow businesses to manage their WhatsApp messages easily. All businesses need updated measures and modern technology services to improve and manage their communication with customers. Facebook plans to partner with several business solution providers that they have previously worked with, to address this crucial issue.

With Facebook’s hosting services, it will be easier for small and medium-sized businesses that have their business pages or groups on Facebook to easily redirect their clients on WhatsApp, and to keep their inventory updated while quickly responding to their clients’ messages.

This plan will be executed in the coming months.

Another addition by Facebook is that people who have Business accounts will have to pay some charges to continue using the services and features of WhatsApp Business accounts.

On the other hand, those who use WhatsApp for regular communication for their personal use can continue to do so free of cost as always.

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