YouTube Simplifies and Improves Video Quality Settings

Part of the YouTube experience is the level of control that the average user would have with regards to the quality of the video that they might be looking into at any given point in time, but it is important to note that a lot of users have complained about the video settings due to the reason that they feel like the default setting should be under their control rather than being decided by YouTube based on arbitrary factors that might not even be relevant to the particular experience that that user is trying to have.

YouTube is starting to test out a simplified version of video quality settings and it is doing this so that users would not have to figure out what kind of resolution works best for them. Apparently YouTube thinks that its users don’t know what 1080p means and how it’s different from 360p, and as a result of the fact that this is the case the streaming platform has made it so that you can now choose between simpler options called Higher Picture Quality and Data Saver, along with an automatic option wherein YouTube would decide the resolution for you. There would also be an advanced option that would allow you to pick specific resolutions for yourself if you have the knowhow.

Some are complaining that this is the sort of thing that wouldn’t really do much to improve user experience since a lot of internet users have grown up learning about resolutions and which ones would work best for them, although a newer generation of users as well as older users that don’t know about such things might benefit from a simpler layout.

The main change that people would be happy about is that you would have more control over your default video setting, something that can help users save some time in the process of watching a video. Time will tell whether or not this simplified menu would end up being the sort of thing that the average user actually likes to a certain extent.

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