Adobe Photoshop Gets AI Upgrades That Offer Game-Changing Photo Editing Options

Adobe has just announced a bunch of new AI features following its release of the Sensei AI platform which generated quite a bit of buzz. This AI platform is a big part of Adobe’s plans for future success, which means that the company is going to be eager to invest more into various other AI platforms and features and the recent announcement is just one example of the clear direction that the company has ended up taking in recent months with regards to innovations and changes in the industry as a whole.

One new AI update has to do with Neural Filters. These filters are part of the new wave of Photoshop tools that are based on neural networks and as a result of the fact that this is the case they are far more advanced and powerful, capable of giving you greater control over the images that you are trying to create. Several other tools are also being implemented that are supposed to make the editing workflow far simpler than might have been the case otherwise, and the combination of these two updates is most likely going to make the lives of regular editors and designers a lot easier which is something that they would probably be quite grateful for considering how difficult their jobs tend to be.

Perhaps the most significant AI upgrade that Adobe is introducing is Sky Replacement, and in many ways Adobe is playing catch up here as companies like Luminar have already been offering it for an entire year. Still, this might be another example of a major industry leader taking their time to add something new because of the fact that it’s not common in the market yet and they just wanted to do it the right way rather than jumping on the bandwagon with a feature that might not have been fully optimized in every single way, shape or form. 

While Photoshop is going to have 25 replacements that you can use from the get go, you can also create your own. This can give you quite a bit of control over how your pictures end up looking because of the fact that the sky can have a huge impact on this sort of thing and being able to control it can have a serious impact on how your pictures end up turning out.

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