Facebook is experimenting with Neighborhoods feature to keep the communities united

Facebook is testing a new feature which allows users to connect with their neighbors through its social network.

This new feature has not been officially announced by Facebook however, some images were shared on Twitter by Matt Navarra a social media consultant that gave insights about this new feature.

The pictures posted by Matt suggested that this feature called Neighborhood provides users with a platform where they can upload their addresses and make a personal neighborhood profile. These images even suggested that the qualities of Facebook's new feature will be very similar to of the app that known as Nextdoor.

As confirmed by a spokesperson of Facebook the Neighborhood feature has gone for testing in the Calgary (Canada) market and she even tells that this feature is using Canadian English.

The posted pictures furthermore suggest that Facebook's new feature supports all types of Community standards and it motivates users to keep the discussions clean and guide them on how to be Inclusive.

A recent report also tells that ever since the announcement of this new feature more people have started using Facebook to be a part of their local communities and to make it simple the company is bringing out limited tests of Neighborhood which has a small designated area for the users to connect with their neighbors.

Facebook also has been motivating users to make friends, and meet new people through this app and they can do this by private messaging or by creating new profiles for specific purposes like connecting with people, making friends, or dating.

A similar version of the Neighborhood feature was first discovered by Jane Wong in May and she shared this discovery on Twitter. This feature is almost the same as the Nextdoor app which was launched in 2008 and had a revenue of almost 470 million but this app was not that popular but it now is planning on increasing its platform by going public.

The Nextdoor app which is based in San Francisco tells the users that it has served to almost 268000 neighborhoods worldwide out of which a fourth was from the US only. It also tells that every person uses this app for different reasons like some people use it for buying and selling of grocery and other essential or they even use it to report a crime and warn others.

Facebook has one of the biggest markets in the world and whenever a new feature is launched by Facebook the competitors having similar features are at risk one of the examples of this is that when Menlo park started its dating feature the revenue of Match Group fell by 7%.

Facebook is not shy of cloning other applications as it copied the story feature from Snapchat and because of this Facebook is under investigation by several government regulators.

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