WhatsApp's new feature which enables users to Tweak Storage Usage is launching soon

WhatsApp recently launched a new beta version for Android users. With the help of this update, the WhatsApp users can tweak their storage settings as per their choice. This new update was launched at the end of August, and this version is available on WhatsApp Android is the first-ever software to launch a feature like this. And this update has made it easy for the users to manage their storage.

This update has many new features like a storage bar which in detail notifies about the storage taken by WhatsApp videos and images. It will also let you know about the large documents, images, and videos that you received through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp's new features are tracked by WABetaInfo and as per them, WhatsApp has currently launched this feature for specific beta testers only and soon will launch it for more beta testers.

This feature was not confirmed by WhatsApp until last month, however, the information about this upcoming new feature was leaked by WABetaInfo. The leaked information shows that this feature of WhatsApp will now allow you to customize your WhatsApp storage as a list will be made which will show all types of media files including the forwarded files. Users can get access to this new update by, going to the settings of their WhatsApp. There they can click on Data and storage usage and finally should select the suggested cleanup option.

With the help of this feature now the WhatsApp users can sort their media files according to the size and the memory of it. The users can also easily delete the files which are of larger MBs or the forwarded videos and images which are not useful as many people send a lot of spam messages and media on WhatsApp groups. Deleting media from WhatsApp will also delete it from your phone.

This feature also lists all types of different chats and groups as per their storage and the users can even search for any of the groups or individual chats through the search option which is also found in this new update. WhatsApp even though has confirmed the users about this new feature but it still has not confirmed the date when this feature will be available to the public. Android users can get constant updates regarding the release date of this feature on Google play, sideloading, or APK minor.

This new feature is not available for all beta testers so there is a chance that it might not be available to most of the users as soon as it is launched. People are excited about this new update as most of them get annoyed by the number of spam messages they receive and not everyone's phones have large data storage space.

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