WhatsApp tests Biometric Locks and Join Missed Calls in beta version

In WhatsApp’s latest beta build it is introducing two main new features, the Biometric lock for Android and the “Join Missed Calls” feature that will be available across all platforms. These two features will greatly refine WhatsApp’s user experience and will show WhatsApp’s willingness to adapt to changes and their willingness to listen to users and implement user feedback. These updates were first spotted and reported by WABetaInfo, a website that specializes in reporting on new features unveiled in beta versions of WhatsApp.

The Biometric lock feature is being introduced as a replacement for the “Fingerprint Lock” feature that was previously available on Android. This new Biometric lock will enable Android users to utilize any biometric features that their phones feature. WhatsApp already featured a fingerprint lock option and two-factor authentication on Android, but this new update will allow users to use facial recognition features to unlock WhatsApp as well. WhatsApp had already introduced a Face ID option for iOS users after the release of the iPhone X, so this is nothing new for Apple users but a gamechanger for Android users whose devices feature facial recognition technology.

Screenshots from the updated beta build show the description for Biometric lock stating “... and other unique identifiers” it is unclear what WhatsApp meant by “unique identifiers”

The “Join Missed Calls” feature is a revolutionary feature and one that is good to have during this COVID lockdown situation. If a user misses a group call, the next time they open WhatsApp, they will be shown if the call they missed is still active and if it is they can choose to join it. This feature is akin to Discord and Zooms’ group call features. WhatsApp has seen an increase in group calls during this lockdown and this feature will greatly streamline the group calling feature on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has been extremely active and ingenious with their updates during the lockdown and has released several other important updates this year. They unveiled the “Always Mute” option and WhatsApp raised the number of group call participants to eight. This just shows WhatsApp’s ingenuity and timing with their updates. WhatsApp’s team has shown an incredible ability to read situations and use that to estimate what users may want from updates and how to make WhatsApp a better app with each and every update. This makes WhatsApp one of the best messaging and calling apps available today and they have, undoubtedly, earned that spot.

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