WhatsApp looks to make reporting bugs easier with new ‘Contact Us’ page

WhatsApp has had its fair share of issues with bugs and errors the same as any other major online communication platform. Previously, users could either email WhatsApp on their support email address or just simply wait for WhatsApp to take notice and fix the issue, but finally, WhatsApp has decided to add a new and more efficient method of allowing users to report bugs and errors. This is a great move by WhatsApp as it eases the process for users to report bugs and allows for WhatsApp to resolve issues quickly and make their application smoother.

WhatsApp has not yet released a beta test version of this but according to a feature tracker site that specializes in WhatsApp features, called WABetaInfo, the WhatsApp beta version contains the references for this feature and it may be released in a future build. The way users will be able to report the bugs through this feature will be by opening the “Contact Us” page from settings and then they would be required to describe the error in a text field, they will also be provided with a checkbox to include their device specifications to make it more understandable for developers at WhatsApp and it would also make it easier for developers to ascertain whether the issue is specific to one type of device or is occurring in all eligible devices. This update will also include the option for developers to start a direct WhatsApp chat with the complainant to gain a better understanding or to provide instructions on how to resolve the error.

Although this feature is innovative and important, it has still not been released even in beta tester versions but, as stated before, will most likely be released to the public in future versions. Along with this feature, WhatsApp has been testing some more new features including scheduling messages and having the option to mute chats indefinitely replacing the “Mute For 1 Year” option. The “Always Mute” option is one that users have been requesting for years and now that there are rumors of it being fulfilled it is certainly exciting for users. Additionally, it has been reported that the frequently requested “Multiple Device” feature is in its final stages of testing. This feature would allow users to link up to 4 devices to their main device. An active Wi-Fi connection would be required to link all devices and download the chat data onto them but after linking an active Wi-Fi connection will not be required on the main device. This is a huge feature that would allow users a lot of flexibility in using WhatsApp.
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