iPhone 12: A Comparison of Apple’s Four New Phones

Apple was delayed this year in announcing its brand new range of iPhones but at the end of the day the tech giant managed to weather the storm and limit the delay to just one month. iPhone 12 has now been officially announced with pre-orders available by November, and many people are excited to see what new features these phones are going to have. Apple has upped the ante this year by providing 4 new models for people to choose from, and if you are bewildered by the variety of options then have no fear for we are here to simplify matters and compared each of the new iPhone models so that you can see which one would be the most worth it for you all in all.

First we’re going to talk about the flagship iPhone 12, a successor to the long line of phones that Apple has been releasing for nearly a decade and a half. This phone has a 6.1 inch screen so Apple hasn’t made any size changes from the iPhone 11. The resolution has been greatly improved, though, with the 2532x1170 screen providing 460 pixels per inch, nearly 140 PPI more than what the iPhone 11 had to offer. The phone weighs in at 164 grams and has one front facing camera and two rear cameras all of which have 12 megapixels and one of them having an ultra-wide lens. This phone costs about $830 dollars which is a bit of surprise considering how expensive new iPhones are when compared to previous models.

Apple is also moving into more affordable territory with the new iPhone 12 mini. This phone has a 5.4 inch screen and weighs in at 135 grams making it quite portable, although it is important to note that this size is comparable to the Plus models of iPhones 6 through 8 so Apple is still committed to the larger average phone size. The screen actually has the highest PPI out of all four new Apple releases coming in at around 476 with a total resolution of 2340x1080. All three cameras are the same as the iPhone 12 and both phones are supposed to have a battery that lasts for 15 hours with continuous video playback, although some are noting that the iPhone 12 Mini lasts longer. This phone is $100 cheaper than the flagship model which is a great discount considering it’s quite a powerful phone.

We now move into the premium models that Apple has just released starting with the iPhone 12 Pro. The screen size is the same 6.1 inches as the standard iPhone 12 but the Pro is about 25 grams heavier. It has the same PPI, though, with the main attraction being the third rear camera you’d be able to take advantage of. The third rear camera has a 12 megapixel telephoto lens which can be great if you have a passion for photography. The battery life is supposed to provide 17 hours of constant video playback which makes it stronger than the standard iPhone 12 or Mini. Both the Pro and the Pro Max come with LiDAR technology which is a piece of tech that uses lasers to map out a room and help make pictures clearer and crisper. This model starts off at $1,000 which makes it quite expensive but it seems to be worth it given the quality of the features.

Now comes the iPhone Pro Max, Apple’s phablet model which has a pretty massive 6.7 inch screen. Does anybody remember when Blackberry released a tablet back in the day? It had a 7 inch screen and while it was a small tablet no one would have ever compared it to a phone. This just goes to show how much the tech industry has ended up changing over the years. This is a pretty hefty phone as well, weighing in at around 228 grams. The PPI is actually marginally the lowest out of all the phones in this list coming in at about 458 PPI. It should be noted that this phone along with all new Apple models will be rolled out with 5G capabilities.

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