New Google Assistant Settings Give Users More Control Over Snapshot Feed

Snapshot is Google’s attempt to continue the kind of experience that they were trying to provide with Google Now, and for the most part it has proven to be successful for this sort of thing. One aspect of Snapshot that a lot of users have ended up complaining about has to do with the fact that you often get cards that do not have anything to do with what you are initially interested in, and while it is true that you can dismiss cards that do not conform to your preferences at the same time this does not change the fact that the algorithm does not seem to learn what user preferences actually are which take away from the overall experience.

A new setting in Google Assistant can help you gain more control over your Snapshot feed. Now cards are going to end up being grouped into separate categories, and you will have the option to toggle categories on or off based on whether or not they interest you. All five categories are going to be on by default so if you end up seeing something you don’t like or if it doesn’t really interest you in any major way, shape or form then this means that you can just turn that category off.

The five categories are Upcoming Tasks, Recommendations, Travel, Celebrations and Interests. They cover a wide range of topics which might be a problem for some users. For example, you might want some of what your Interests feed could provide but not all of it. More improvements definitely have to be made before the Snapshot feed can end up becoming what people have always wanted it to be. It remains an interesting concept though, one that people are clearly benefiting from since usage rates are quite high, so it will be interesting to see how it grows once full control is given to users.
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