Instagram Gets New Product Tags for Ads in Preparation for Holiday Season

With Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram moving quite firmly into the territory of ecommerce recently, it has started to become quite important for these platforms to start maximizing their audience so that they can ensure that no matter what ends up happening they would be able to make a big splash during the upcoming holiday season. This season is a period in time during which most ecommerce platforms and companies make a real killing, and Facebook will be eager to add as many updates as possible so that users can have a good experience and advertisers can also end up making the most of the kind of opportunities that they are being presented with.

Ad tools are being improved so that in two months advertisers can maximize their impact during the holiday season. Perhaps the most significant update that ads are getting has to do with the fact that you would now be able to add product tags to your Instagram ads through the Ad Manager. This can be great for helping advertisers get access to users that might be interested in specific products, users that might just be interested in making a purchase if they come across the product easily.

This new update is also going to make it easier for brands to do top notch promotions and the like due to the reason that they can incorporate their product tags in such a way that giveaways, discounts and other promotional techniques can be implemented without too much trouble along the way. This is not exactly a new feature since businesses have had the option to add product tags to the posts they were making on their accounts for about four years now, but it is important to note that businesses have never before had the ability to add tags directly to advertisements that they are creating on the platform. This can give businesses more control over their reach and enable them to fully commit to the marketing campaign that they are starting to implement.

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