Instagram seems to be working on a fully immersive screen preview for videos in the feed

A Twitter user Brandon (@raisedbystyle) has recently shared some screenshots about an update from Instagram. It seems that the photo and video sharing app is planning to allow users to view all their feed videos in an immersive, full-screen preview.

He shared two screenshots along with his tweet. One picture shows that with a post on Instagram, the option of ‘Watch Video’ is given. The next picture shows the still from when he played the video. It seems to be capturing the full screen in an immersive mode. The options for liking, commenting, and reposting are visible and the contact and follow-up details for Brandon can also be seen at the top of the screen.

An immersive mode is basically a full screen, in-depth full-screen experience that we can get on smartphone devices. Mostly, the status, navigation bars, etc. are hidden when you start watching a video in immersive mode, but small details from the status bar like time, notifications, etc. will continue to show even in full screen.

This is exactly how it looks like from the pictures that Brandon has shared. If this is how it is going to work, then it sounds interesting. People will be able to get a full-on, totally immersive experience while viewing the preview of these videos in the feed. This will probably increase the engagement of potential users with the brand and business owners. When an ad or a post from these brands will show up in the feed and has a video attached to it, users will probably find it more exhilarating and fulfilling to watch their video in a full-screen immersive mode. This will help them pick important details about those ad posts and this might help the brands catching their interest.

Let us see if Instagram will eventually roll this feature out, and what other uses will it bring along for the users?

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