Chrome 87 beta is aiming to become much better than Chrome 86, with some striking differences and changes in the PDF Viewer and Cookie API

Google released Chrome 86 on 6th October with a lot of improvements and new details added. There is support for Native File System API, and several interface changes, but all in all, it is a greatly improved update. While the end-users enjoy their latest Chrome 86, Google has begun beta testing for Chrome 87 as well.

The changes that have come to the knowledge so far about the improvements that Chrome 87 is going to bring are pretty interesting.

For starters, Chrome 87 is revamping the PDF Viewer by adding small interface changes. A new ‘PDF Viewer Update’ flag (chrome://flags/#pdf-viewer-update) is available that will get you to the new design of the PDF Viewer.

Some of the most prominent differences that were noticed include the addition of a side-panel on the left-hand side. This panel now shows the preview of pages and it makes navigation through pages easily while reading a document. This will reduce a lot of your time and effort.

Apart from page previews in this side-panel, you will also see the list of existing chapters. Previously, this list used to be available in a dropdown menu, but now it will be there on the side and you can hide it if you wish while reading your document.

The new PDF Viewer also allows you to see two pages side-by-side with a new option, and the buttons for ‘zoom’ and ‘fit’ have also been transferred to the top bar for easier access. Previously, they used to appear only when you moved your mouse through the document. But now, they will always be visible in the top bar.

One important thing to remember is that PDF Viewer is going to be available for the desktop versions only, and not for Android or iOS.

Another update is that Chrome 87 is bringing a new Cookie Store Integration. This is not a change that end-users will be able to judge as such, so it does not make much difference for the users. However, it is interesting for website developers.

A cookie is something that is used by websites to obtain some information about the visitors on the site. With the help of this information, website developers and owners can bring changes to their site to make them more user friendly.

Previously, websites had to collect the list of cookies through some other inefficient methods, but Chrome 87 is bringing a new Cookie Store API. This store will provide the websites all the stored cookies in an organized list in JSON-format.

Another important thing is that this new Cookie integration is going to be asynchronous. This means that the browser will not have to stop at every step to ask for code execution in the background while Cookies are trying to get user data. So, this new Cookie Store API will make things smoother and more efficient while also giving access to JavaScript Service Workers to find these cookies in the background.

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