TikTok jumps on iOS 14 home screen widget bandwagon

iOS 14 was launched in September and it completely revolutionized the iPhone user interface. Apps were now sorted automatically into folders according to their purpose in the App Library and users could now choose what apps they wanted to be shown on the home screen. Apple added picture-in-picture video displays finally enabling iOS users to multitask. They added real-time headphone audio alerts, new iMessage features, QR code payments, smaller incoming call windows that cannot take up the whole screen and can be ignored easily, the new Translate App, App Clips, and an update to Passwords and Voice Memos.

The main addition that users were most excited about and the feature that really affected how the home screen looked were the Widgets. iOS users always had access to Widgets, but they were tucked away in the information center and weren’t that easy to use or interactive. iOS 14 gave users the option to add Widgets to the home screen and made them much more interactive. Widgets now could be added to the home screen in three different sizes and each size had a different layout of options. Users got really creative with these widgets and created color-coordinated screens using the Shortcuts app to customize app icons.

Obviously, it didn’t take developers long to come up with additional Widgets for their apps. Companies like Google, Pinterest, The Weather Channel, etc., came out with Widgets almost immediately after the iOS 14 release; And finally, TikTok has come out with a Widget of their own. The Widget when added to the home screen shows trending sounds, hashtags, and videos and how many views videos featuring those sounds or hashtags have garnered. Tapping on the widget will take the user directly to the “Trending” page. For example, the latest trending sound in the United States is “Yellow” taken from Coldplay's song. The widget will show the sound icon with “Yellow” next to it and the views next to the name.

The Widget comes in the same three sizes that all Widgets are available in: small, medium, and large. The small size Widget only shows the trending sound or hashtag and the views in a small font next to it. The medium size Widget shows the trending sound or hashtag, the view count, and four small previous videos with the most views. The large size Widget shows the same things as the medium size Widget but with only the top three most viewed videos with enlarged preview icons.

This is an excellent idea that will inform users of trending topics and encourage them to create and post more videos, not only increasing the app's appeal to new users but increasing TikTok’s chances at brand endorsement deals. Small updates and innovations like this have a great effect on a social media company’s user feedback and user satisfaction with the app.

H/T: 9To5Mac.

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