Google Adding Search Chips to Gmail’s Mobile Version

The main focus for Google in a lot of ways has been making it so that the average user would be able to end up figuring out how to make searches in the easiest way possible. The easier it would be for users to make searches, the more searches that they would eventually end up making and this in and of itself would be enough to help Google maintain the dominance that it currently enjoys in a wide variety of sectors that are out there including search engines.

Gmail is a really important product for Google, and helping users search for what they are looking for on this product is an important aspect of Google’s overall business plan. Hence, the company added search chips for their GSuite web users, and these search chips basically consisted of search suggestions that users could tap on. These suggestions would be based on whatever the user had typed into the search bar, and it was meant to make it so that queries could end up being made with a single tap rather than having to rely on anything else.

Google is now rolling this feature out to mobile Gmail users, reports XDA. This is different from app users, although chances are that the Android app is going to get this feature pretty soon as well since it would help make the app much easier to use than might have been the case otherwise. Figuring out how these kinds of things work is going to be pretty easy for the average user, and chances are that Google is starting out with the mobile version so that it can fine tune the feature and make it so that when it gets rolled out to Android there won’t be any hiccups that users might just end up complaining about all in all.

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