The Rise of Facebook Groups Amidst Pandemic

The year 2020 saw most people locked in their homes. However, thanks to technology, we were not only able to stay in touch with our loved ones but also remained informed about the COVID situation around the globe.

People have been increasingly dependent on technology and physical platforms and this year has proved it. In fact, the way technology has connected the people professionally and personally will not change in the future, giving tech leaders and managers something to rejoice.

In this regard, Facebook conducted a survey to find out how users are making use of their Groups to stay connected. As anticipated, the results of people using groups before and after the pandemic showed a significant change.

More then half of the people who filled the survey are included in a digital group that is the most important group they are involved in. They are of the opinion that they will continue being an active part of this group in the future as well. Many people also admitted that they have got a lot of help from digital groups during this pandemic.

The use of groups has increased over the years for two main reasons. Number one is the promotion from Facebook itself to use more and more groups. Secondly, the digital groups have rather become a social platform during this pandemic.

People have realized the importance of such groups during the coronavirus. The survey has shown that many people have received emotional help from the group and even more, have given the same support to others through such platforms.

Most of the people are included in important groups that are just about one significant topic, happening and activity. Many people are in groups that belong to the area they live in.

We have seen that there is no slowing down the coronavirus for now. Many newspapers and informative pamphlets have also stopped printing. Therefore, these groups will be used more often so that people get informed about the situation of the virus.

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