Google Discover Gives Users More Control Over Feed With New Heart Button

Google Discover is Google’s attempts to make it so that users can turn to the tech giant when they are looking for certain kinds of content that they can end up scrolling through once all has been said and is now out of the way. A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that Google wants to get into the social media market, but previous failures have made it difficult for the company to justify further forays into this territory which has resulted in a slight change in approach that is proving to be rather popular with a large number of regular Google users.

Google is now trying to give users a lot more control over their feed by testing out a brand new heart button. Basically when you see a piece of content that you truly like, you can tap on the heart button that you might see which would signal to Google that you enjoyed the content. This can change your personal algorithm for this content, making it so that in the future your Google Discover feed would start showing you more content that falls into that specific category all in all.

This button is being tested in a limited capacity, but it’s pretty clear that it is meant to be a replacement for the more/less slider that is currently available on this app. The reason behind this is that Google is trying to simplify the experience so that instead of having to use a slider and open a menu you can just indicate your content preferences with a single tap. This has lead to a lot of people getting quite excited about the future of this service, especially because of the fact that it might just lead to major social media platforms such as Facebook facing stiff competition in this regard.

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