The recent policy changes by Facebook may just be temporary and the platform will continue with its lenient content moderation policies after the US General Election

Facebook has faced major criticism and backlash for its lenient content moderation policies and its relaxed approach towards divisive and harmful content on its platform. Recently, Facebook introduced some changes in its policies by implementing a ban on QAnon groups and Pages that are responsible for spreading misinformation and controversial theories over the platform. Not only this ban, but Facebook also announced banning Holocaust denial content, which again looked like the company is finally trying to control the extent of freedom of expression that it normally advocates, and that sometimes is more hurtful rather than being useful for anyone.

The list of bans continued with another announcement by Facebook to ban anti-vax ads. All of these recent policy changes gave hope to millions of people and thousands of activists who have spent a significant amount of their time on criticizing Facebook for being and acting as a hub of misinformation spread, and a lot more.

But all those hopes doused in a jiffy as Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg recently made some comments in a company-wide meeting. According to the report by BuzzFeed News, Mark Zuckerberg said that all these recent policy changes were only made to have a safe environment around the upcoming US General Election in November. Once the election is over, Facebook will return to its original position with its content moderation policies and most of the current restrictions will be lifted off.

Zuckerberg also implied that these changes will not impact the original philosophy and principles of Facebook. The platform has never served as a ‘torchbearer’ for anyone, and it does not even serve as the arbiter of truth. It advocates freedom of speech and expression. In other words, the company does not care who speaks what and how adversely misleading information through its platform can affect the world. Nor is it concerned about the harmful impact and dangerous repercussions of misinformation and propaganda because Facebook cannot and does not want to moderate the content on its platform.

For Mark Zuckerberg, this is a progressive approach and is just a temporary state to avoid unrest and risk of violence in the upcoming elections and events surrounding it. These changes are also to decrease the risk of physical harm with misinformation revolving around COVID-19. Once these factors are over, Facebook will get back on its original, disappointing track and approach.

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