Dxomark Test Shows Superiority of Apple’s Cameras

People give a lot of reasons for wanting to buy an iPhone rather than any other phone that the market currently has to offer at this point in time. One reason that they often give has to do with the camera and photo quality. Apple users that have remained ardent fans for years say that you really can’t compete with an iPhone camera, and while a lot of opinions have been raised on this matter the fact of the matter is that no one has really definitively said whether or not iPhone cameras are truly better or if this is just something people assume because of the fact that they only ever use Apple products.

Well, a new test from Dxomark has proven the superiority of the iPhone camera in at least one respect. This is that you get a far superior preview when you are about to click a shot. Previews are important, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that you would not really be able to take a top notch picture until and unless you get a preview that is reliable and would enable you to get the angles that would optimize the picture at the end of the day.

The test went particularly well for the iPhone 11 Pro Max, with testers praising the zoom feature in particular for being quite smooth. This might lend some credibility to people that prefer Apple products and don’t want to switch to a different brand for any reason whatsoever, and it continues a long history of Apple managing to prove its superiority not through advertising but through testing done by independent third parties that have no choice but to acknowledge what an incredible phone Apple truly makes each and every year.

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