51 percent of consumers have purchased a product or service after seeing it used or promoted by an influencer

A study of 1000 people by coupon company Valassis has revealed a lot about how people decide what products they want to buy as well as shown the manner in which influencers can have an impact on such things as well. It turns out that 51% of respondents said that they decided to purchase something after having seen an influencer promote it. This means that influencers have become essential to the success of a lot of businesses, turning this into a pretty amazing earning opportunity for a lot of people out there.

Younger users who were aged between 25 and 34 years of age seem to have their opinions about brands swayed by influencers quite a bit, with 39% of respondents in this category stating that their opinion on a brand could often be contingent on what influencers have ended up endorsing them at the end of the day. Influencers are also having a serious impact on conversion rates, with 21% of people saying that they decided to buy a product after seeing an influencer endorsement for the first time this year.

This also shows that the pandemic has changed the way people look at things. With lockdowns in place all around the world most people didn’t have any other option but to immerse themselves into some kind of a virtual world, and this might have opened them up to the idea of taking whatever an influencer is saying a little more seriously. Another recent event that has impacted the influencer industry has to do with the various movements that are springing up in America, and that consumers are becoming more informed about injustices that occur with certain ethnic minorities. This has lead to 36% of consumers who follow influencers actively trying to diversify the ethnic makeup of the people they follow which means that the time might be ripe for influencers of color to make their mark.

Image credit: wundervisuals | Getty Images

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