Twitter Expands Voice Tweets, Begins Work on Transcriptions and Automated Captions

Twitter has been trying to make it so that it has a wider range of features and services that its users can potentially end up taking advantage of, and one of the new things that the platform has introduced is voice tweets. This feature was initially provided to a select group of iOS app users, and it is now being rolled out to a lot more users that are out there. This might prove to be a crucial litmus test for the feature since the initial response did not lead to a lot of coverage, and if more people use it then a more accurate picture of its popularity might just end up getting painted.

Twitter is also working on a lot of other features that might just end up coming relatively soon. Two of the features that the social media platform has started to work on can add a lot in terms of accessibility for people that suffer from hearing problems or vision problems. One such feature is voice transcription which can make it so that you can dictate things that you want to tweet, something that could prove to be very useful to the visually impaired.

People that are hard of hearing will be excited to learn that Twitter is also working on automated captions for videos as well as audio, and the social media platform plans to launch these new features by 2021. This shows that Twitter is trying quite hard to make it so that newer and better versions of their platform can be provided to the average user, something that could turn the tide and help the platform get to the level of success that it used to enjoy and allow it to become more competitive in a social media landscape that is currently heavily dominated by Facebook.

Source: Twitter.

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