Instagram's Head Says TikTok's Ban Has Already Brought Irreversible Damage To The Digital World

Just like the majority of tech giants and fans, the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri is also disappointed to see Trump doing so much to ban TikTok. However, his reason is slightly different and can cause more worry.

Last month, Trump ordered to ban TikTok in the US over security concerns. While he later did agree to Oracle serving as TikTok’s trusted technology partner in the country, yet he was still not in the favor of new users downloading the app until the deal is finalized. While fortunately that appeal was declined by a federal judge last week, the damage is already done.

This is exactly where Mosseri came in to express his opinion as according to him the TikTok ban has just served to be the beginning of damage for the digital world that cannot be reversed now. By normalizing the policy of ban, more countries would start to target individual apps thus limiting innovation and also stopping the right of people to freely express themselves. Furthermore, this will also encourage authorities to take more control over what's being run online and that is just very unhealthy for the whole ecosystem in place.

Adam went on to say that if the US government bans TikTok today, there will be an opposite and equal reaction to this in the form of other countries banning our apps because then they will have the right to point out the how the banning game was started by the authorities in the US.

This overall will eventually hurt the American tech companies more as they are the ones who manage the majority of the online world. In return, people in different countries will also start to have a more fragmented internet.

Mosseri commented on the issue on Instagram’s 10th birthday while also stating that almost 90% of Instagram’s users are based outside the US.

Do you agree with Mosseri?

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