Snapchat’s Research Sheds Light on How Education is Changing in the Pandemic

Most of the people that use Snapchat are from the younger demographic which means that a lot of them are most likely going to still be in school. Snapchat has decided to use this fact to conduct research into how education has changed over the past year. The pandemic has made it so that there have been widespread lockdowns and a lot of students have noticed that they are being forced to study from home rather than going to school, and this is actually not a bad thing according to the research that has just been conducted by the social media platform.

84% of school goers that use Snapchat in the US have remarked that major changes have occurred at least in some way, shape or form with regards to their education. Another thing that was noted is that many users are now readjusting their career paths, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that they might have initially been thinking of getting a job soon but the job market has changed drastically in recent months and might stay that way and as a result of the fact that this the case many people are being forced to reconsider and look into other options.

Gen Z users as well as Millennials have a tendency to prefer non traditional career options as well, with 47% saying as much. This is quite a bit more than the 23% of Gen X-ers and Baby Boomers who would have preferred a non-traditional career. This means that college is becoming less of a priority for the younger generation, something that might just make it so that the whole industry that has been built up around education would change quite a bit in the next decade or so.

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