Facebook is reportedly working on bringing some new options for how long Stories will be visible for display

Matt Navarra, the social media industry commentator and analyst has recently tweeted about a new update that was also reported by Alessandro Paluzzi, a leaker and mobile developer.

According to both these ‘informants,’ Facebook is working on making Stories stay longer than 24 hours. Alessandro Paluzzi shared a screenshot that shows the three options that Facebook is testing to provide its users. Users can choose for their Stories to be available for 12 hours, 24 hours, or 3 days now, if Facebook rolls out this feature eventually.

So far, it is in the testing phase and we do not know exactly when and even if these options will play out in the end on the Stable channel or not. But this update has surely made people interested in finding out more about this feature.

Snapchat is the pioneer of introducing this ephemeral Story format that stayed for 24 hours only. In 2016, Instagram introduced Stories on its platform too, and later, Facebook brought Stories for 24 hours on its app too. Although the name does not suit this feature, because real stories are proper narratives, while these Stories on social media platforms are a collection of pictures or short videos that people put on their profiles that are outside their regular feeds and disappear after a day.

Now, Facebook seems to have been working on giving a choice to the users if they want their Stories to stay live for more than or less than 24 hours.

Many people have shown happiness about this update, but some people are also concerned about Facebook focusing on unnecessary things rather than those for which it faces severe backlash, like its lenient content moderation policies and its tardiness and unwillingness to enforce strict policies for hate speech and violent content.

To some extent, these people are right. Facebook does tend to divert its focus more towards things that may not hold any profound significance. It is still not completely comprehensible how people are going to benefit from the length of display of Stories on its platform.

Let us just wait and see how people react to the feature if it rolls out officially.

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