Snapchat’s New Friendship Lens Aims to Help With Post Covid Lockdown Recovery

Tech companies have been profiting quite a bit from the various lockdowns that have been put in place but with all of that having been said and out of the way it is important to note that they have been trying to help people deal with these lockdowns in some way, shape or form as well if you think about it. Snapchat has introduced a new lens that could be particularly useful in this regard for a lot of people.

This new lens is called the Friendship Time Capsule and the way that this works is that you would be able to see yourself with your friends in some kind of setting that you would enjoy. While this may make some people balk at the thought of engaging in something that is this dystopian, others would simply appreciate the fact that Snapchat is trying so hard to help people feel like they are still connected to the ones they love, something that can often be quite difficult when you are not able to leave your home for extended periods of time.

By using this lens you can essentially go on a virtual vacation with all of your friends. Snapchat is big on friendship, and a recent report that the social media platform compiled revealed that the pandemic had negatively impacted a third of all friendships all around the world.

It’s smart of Snapchat to position itself in this manner. Not only does this legitimately help people who might be going through some kind of a bad time but at the same time it is giving the company some much needed good press as well. This publicity can help it stay relevant in the post Covid era and allow it to remain on par with bigger platforms that are currently more profitable.

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